Steve Boyer (USA), Electronic Artist (
Bruce Danziger (USA), Structural Engineering
Moritz Freund (Germany), Architecture
Shu-Chi Hsu (Taiwan), Architecture
Mecky Reuss (Germany), Architecture
Jonathan West (USA), Architecture
Camellia Tse (USA), Art
Arnold Rivera (USA), Architecture
Emily White (USA), Architecture
Vivian Ngo (Hong Kong), Architecture

Ephemeral forest/Terra-byte
A+D Signage


workshop: LEVITAS is an international design collaboration between structural engineer Bruce Danziger (USA, a long-time Ove Arup team member), and emerging architects Shu-Chi Hsu (Taiwan), and Moritz Freund (Germany). LEVITAS stands for lightness. In contrast to conventional architecture based on gravity, the design team wants to manifest precisely the essence of the physical world, which are light, chaos and ephemera. The collaboration explores innovative structures and spatial design, which makes the heaviest material float and exposes the most solid properties of the weakest.

Jenna Didier and Oliver Hess of infranatural invited workshop:LEVITAS to design a bamboo bridge for the installation. The bridge began with a simple structural diagram drawn by Bruce Danziger, resembling a propped cantilever.

The bridge began with a simple structural diagram drawn by Bruce Danziger, resembling a propped cantilever. With the help of Moritz Freund and Schuchi Hsu, workshop:LEVITAS further developed the diagram to create a curved and partially cut-away tube to function as the primary stage from which visitors can interact with the water and its creatures. The bamboo tube is a walkthrough structure with transports, guides and protects the visitor during his experience with the Monsters.

Members participated: Bruce Danziger, Moritz Freund, Shu-Chi Hsu, Mecky Reuss

Members participated: Mecky Reuss, Moritz Freund, Shu-Chi Hsu, Jonathan West, Bruce Danziger, Camellia Tse
Members participated: Moritz Freund, Mecky Reuss, Shu-Chi Hsu, Camellia Tse, Arnold Rivera
Members participated: Moritz Freund, Steve Boyer, Shu-chi Hsu, Camellia Tse, Jonathan West, Mecky Reuss, Bruce Danziger, Emily White
Members participated: Shu-Chi Hsu, Moritz Freund, Camellia Tse, Jonathan West, Vivian Ngo

@ A+D Museum: 5900 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036   map

An interactive installation and performance series that explores the confluence of architecture, design, experimental electronic music and motion visual art.

Presented by A+D Museum and SKYY90
RSVP required 310.494.0357

Must be 21 + to attend

Performance1: 4.20.07 @ 8pm (2 Hours)
Performance2: 4.27.07 @ 8pm (2 Hours)
Performance3: 5.04.07 @ 8pm (2 Hours)
Performance4: 5.11.07 @ 8pm (2 Hours)